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whatever, dudes!!

I decided I wanted life to have some mystery.

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Sep 26 '14

Parks and Recreation Alphabet → g
 ↳ galentines

"Ladies celebrating ladies."

Sep 26 '14
Sep 26 '14


my top 10 bending scenes of korra in book 3

Sep 25 '14

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Sep 25 '14


Real time captures of the Aurora Borealis in Yellowknife, Canada. These aren’t time-lapses, but the aurora in motion. By Kwon O Chul on vimeo.

Sep 24 '14
Sep 24 '14

With you, whatever happens.

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Sep 24 '14

You ready, Sarge?

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Sep 23 '14


sisters. enemies. a s s a s s i n s.

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Sep 22 '14

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