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whatever, dudes!!

I decided I wanted life to have some mystery.

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Sep 11 '14


Little Leverage Moments - Part 11/?

Sep 2 '14
Aug 29 '14

Leverage Meme » 8/9 quotes
For better or worse, we change together.

Aug 25 '14


come and sit next to me and let’s talk about hardison/parker and how it’s one of the best and healthiest and most functional canon romances i have ever seen in my life

how about how hardison crushes on parker first and doesn’t like repress his feelings but also doesn’t act like parker is responsible for how he feels. how about how he never acts like being her friend and her teammate and her found family isn’t enough for him. how about the way he’s kind and supportive and doesn’t expect to be ~repaid~. how about that.

how about when parker knows she doesn’t want to be in a relationship she sets boundaries. how about when parker sets boundaries hardison respects them. how about the way hardison is patient without any expectation of a ~payoff~ but also doesn’t put his own life on hold. how about the way they keep getting closer!! and trusting each other more!! so playful!! respecting what the other is good at!!

how about how in the long way down job when parker breezes past hardison’s hug, instead of going for it again next time he interprets that to mean she doesn’t do hugs and does that goofy little shoulder-punch instead, just to tell her he’s there? how about how parker gives HARDISON a hug — adapts to him but not at her own expense — and lets herself be comforted? how about when parker’s like “you know this isn’t gonna be normal, right?” and hardison is all *___________*!! how about that!

how about their prom dance with parker still in her climbing harness!! how about them going on thieving vacations together!! how about parker watching e.t.!! HOW ABOUT HARDISON PUTTING A PARACHUTE IN PARKER’S BACKPACK. HOW ABOUT PARKER BEING HARDISON’S VOICE ON THE RADIO TO KEEP HIM FROM HYPERVENTILATING.

how about how hardison’s a geek and parker’s a weirdo and they love those things about each other!! how about nobody changing who they fundamentally are for another person!! how about hardison fretting about parker right after they’ve first started dating and parker is like LOL NOPE LET ME DO MY JOB. how about them rescuing each other all the time!! how about the way the narrative never makes parker ~tragic~ or ~broken~? how about the way hardison is the warm sweet gentle nurturing one? (how about how hardison is the heeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaart she howled into the night)


Jul 30 '14


five scenes with
↳ hardison & parker [1/5 - the grave danger job]

Jul 20 '14

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Jul 14 '14

Leverage Meme: 1/10 Dynamics: Hardison + Parker + Eliot

Jun 25 '14


@ tacohead13 : yessssss, this scene is everythingggg to me! Eliot leaping over gravestones to get to Hardison, Nate cracking a joke to try to lighten things up, how tightly the boys grasp at each other (and how long Eliot, always the first to shove people away, holds on), the way Hardison blindly reaches out for Nate (who’s not cracking jokes anymore), before needing to take less than one step to reach Sophie, then how she (and Hardison) immediately looks to Parker, and poor, poor, beautiful, terrified Parker, so overcome with relief that she doesn’t know what to do with herself. I just alkdfhjga;jahgasd A+ choice, bb!

Does anyone else have a favorite bit or highlight from The Grave Danger Job?

May 28 '14

You know what I have? I have a 24-year-old genius with a Smartphone and a problem with authority. You really never stood a chance.

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May 22 '14

I’ve watched Leverage all the way through at least four times and I don’t remember Parker and Hardison Spiderman-kissing once which is a crime


I’ve watched Leverage all the way through at least four times and I don’t remember Parker and Hardison Spiderman-kissing once which is a crime