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whatever, dudes!!

I decided I wanted life to have some mystery.

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Mar 24 '14


u may have killed my favorite character but u will never kill my spirit. or my love for them. or my ability to talk about them for an irritatingly long amount of time

Feb 4 '14


reading harry potter as an adult has been really different as a kid i was like YEAH HARRY IS A COOL INDEPENDENT TEEN and now i am like OH MY GOD HE IS JUST A CHILD HE IS A BABY CHILD PROTECT HARRY POTTER AT ALL COSTS

Feb 2 '14
Jan 29 '14


about phone calls

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Nov 23 '13


Me all week

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Oct 27 '13

the difference between ryannorth and I


the difference between ryannorth and I

Oct 4 '13

Pros and cons of making food

  • Pros: food
  • Cons: making
Aug 12 '13
wtnv in under 50 seconds



Thats it.

Thats the show.

If you don’t know if you want to get into Welcome To Night Vale, listen to this clip, it does a perfect job of summing up the entire experience.

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Aug 1 '13


thank you, arthur.

May 12 '13